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Several coasts of the United States of America always attract the wealthiest of people in the country and globally. If you look at San Francisco’s Silicon Valley on the Pacific side, or the oil-endowed Texas on the Gulf Coast and New York's financial districts near the Atlantic, you see that the large population of people here are wealthy retirees or just rich in general. Florida, though, seems to be a particular favourite when it comes to millionaire dating and Millionaire Match ranks it among the top 10 states in America for their user base.

The state of Florida is the south-easternmost state in the U.S. Having the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, it is endowed with hundreds of miles of beaches.

In the United States of America, Florida is not just known for the magnificence of its Sun, Sand and Surf. It is one of the few states which attract the highest percentages of millionaires, either retirees or vacationers, all due to its mix of natural beauty and an outstanding economic policy. So if you are looking to meet and date rich men, the Sun basking state of Florida offers you one of the best chances of success.

The city of Miami is well known for the Latin-American cultural influence and notable arts scenery, as well as the life it has to offer at night. Especially in the upscale sides of South Beach. Tallahassee is the famous capital of the State of Florida.

Millionaire Dating in Florida

Geographically, Florida is a go-to site for the prestigious and wealthy. Making it among the leading locations to find a millionaire.

Millionaires also prefer to spend most of their free time touring, relaxing or just eating along the beaches of Florida.

According to, Florida is among the growing locales for millionaire dating and use of millionaire matching websites to link up young and attractive successful people from Florida. There has been a tremendous increase of new members from Florida to the website since the end of the year 2018.