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Got problems with Millionaire Match Login? You are not alone! A number of MillionaireMatch members have got exactly the same problem as you. Whether you are from MillionaireMatch app, or the official website of, you are very likely to meet login problems one day. Our review team has researched this problem carefully and consulted Millionaire Match support, and finally reached this exclusive report on login problems. is a dating site for millionaires and elite singles including successful CEOs, lawyers, pro athletes, doctors, models and celebrities. However, people who earn less than $200,000 are still allowed to sign up and may be hoping for a millionaire dating relationship

MillionaireMatch Login Problem - (1)

Reason: Your login info is wrong.

Error message: Email address / username and password do not match.

MillionaireMatch Login Error 1

This is one of the most common problems for failed logins. You may have typos when you enter your login info, especially if you are using a mobile device to visit this dating website.

Another possible reason for this problem lies in your typos in registration. Many users may type their email address incorrectly when they sign up. Correspondingly, they will not be able to login later when they use their correct email address.

Besides that, if you've registered on for long, you may not remember your password correctly after years. So you are also likely to meet this problem when you want to log into again after a long break.

How to Fix Login Problem - #1:

Usually, users can resolve this problem themselves.

On computer or notebook, you can hit the link "Forgot your password?" and enter your account email address or registered username. Then you will receive an email and you can click the password reset link in that email to create a new password.

On mobile devices, you can hit the link "Forgot your email address or password?". It's similar.

What if you can't receive the password reset email in time? Don't worry. Sometimes there might be a short delay for the emails to be delivered. So you just need to check again later. Please also be aware that this email may went to your spam folder due to your spam filter settings. So just check carefully.

What if you can never receive the password reset email? Just follow up to contact MillionaireMatch customer support. This way, you may need to wait up to 24 hours to

MillionaireMatch Login Problem - #2

Reason: You have too many failed login attempts

Error message: Email address / username and password do not match.

Isn't it the same error message as the problem #1? Yes, exactly. If you have too many failed login attempts, you cannot log in even if you have the correct account information. On some sites, you may see a note "You have failed 3 times" or something like that. But on, you will not be notified on that. However, they may have similar restrictions on that. And this kind of restrictions can protect user's account info from being hacked by strangers. So, it's a good point.

How to Fix Login Problem - #2:

If you are not sure of your password, please do not keep trying again and again. According to our experiences from other sites, you'd better not enter wrong password more than 3 times. Or your account is likely to get locked temporarily.

What if you want to log in immediately? Just reset your password. You can follow the "Forgot your password?" link and create a new password.

MillionaireMatch Login Problem - #3

Reason: You are trying to login other than official site. has a number of partner sites. Here we don't list their names to avoid advertisements. Some members were registered from partner sites. Sometimes, they can login from their registered site successfully, but sometimes they cannot. And if they signed up from one partner site and try to login from another partner site, they may also meet login problems.

How to Fix Login Problem - #3:

Please do NOT login from any of their partner sites. You just need to remember the official site: No matter which site you are signed up from, you can always login from this official site. And one more advantage of using their official site: you can get their newest updates on official site.

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