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North Carolina has also seen an increase in Millionaire dating activities as per data from Millionaire Match indicates. A significant number of rich men dating women and the reverse has increased over the past few years. North Carolina is a major financial hub of the United States of America. Charlotte nicknamed the Queen City is found in North Carolina and seems a good place to try one’s luck in an effort to land yourself a millionaire partner.

Charlotte is a well-known destination in the national sports circuit as a hub of the motorsports industry. The City of Charlotte houses multiple offices of NASCAR as well as the one and only NASCAR Hall of Fame. Charlotte city has a major presence of the racing technology industry as well as the required infrastructure in the form of racing tracks, practice venues and technical know-how. NHRA is a newly constructed dragstrip in Charlotte that has given a fillip to drag racing in the city. This is evident with a cohort of top professional drag racers setting up shop in Charlotte.

Millionaire Dating in North Carolina

So if you are looking for a pacey romantic life, then the racers, above all the owners of various racing teams could make great potential partners. Most of these professionals take back hefty paychecks at the end of the month and also come with the fame that is NASCAR racing.

Charlotte is also a major financial hub of the United States of America. As per research, today after New York City, the City of Charlotte is the second-largest banking centre in the United States of America.

The Wells Fargo company has plans of setting up shop on its East Coast operations in Charlotte. Along with some other Fortune 500 companies plan to be headquartered in Charlotte. So if you have no issue socializing with bankers, wealth consultants and hedge fund managers, then Charlotte is your city of choice.

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